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cute kid with his toy car posing for picture-kids photography by princess atelier
baby boy photography and props-princess atelier photography


For every parent, the best creation in the world are their kids who are a ray of sunshine in their lives and make them feel complete. Married life may hold many breathtaking moments but they pale in comparison to having a kid.

Every moment that a parent gets to spend with their kids, be it their first word or first step, it all gets imprinted in their hearts forever. And that is how capturing these moments through the art of photography becomes another way of celebrating parenthood.


kid posing with his remote control toy car - kids photography by princess atelier
outdoor baby boy photoshoot-Chandigarh


Usually, the thoughts and experience of the photographer and the parents are shared but this time let’s make an exception and talk about how Rudra, might have felt during the shoot.  


“What are you old people looking at? Oh yes, I bought a new jeep. I think everyone here has their eyes on it because it’s so dapper just like me! Even the photographer is clicking my pictures with it. It looks like even she likes it. Haha. They think I am a kid and won’t know that they plan to take my jeep but I am smart, that’s why I am sitting on my jeep so that no one takes it away.”


kid ready for his photoshoot - kids photography by princess atelier
baby boy smiling photos-shipra rajora photography


“Well yeah, I know I am not wearing any shirt but it’s too hot and since I can’t leave my jeep alone in the heat, therefore, I have ditched my shirt. I thought I might not look that good but the photographer says I am dashing and it doesn’t matter what I wear I’ll always look adorable.

I am thinking that since she is so nice, I should give a pose or two to make her happy.”


 boy wearing cap infront of the photographer - kids photography by princess atelier
baby boy photography props


“ And here comes the pose! Well, I know I know, you all must be thinking such an adorable boy, and making mushy faces while looking at me but please people stop. I am a grown-up kid now! Look at me, I am even wearing cool glasses and hat and own a jeep. I think only the photographer understood me and that is why she allowed me to be my grown-up self!

Now I gotta go. It’s time for me to show my friends the jeep I bought and I guess, the pictures will help me in doing that since I can’t take my jeep to every friend’s house otherwise my mum will get angry and will make me wear my shirt again!”


son and father playing in the garden - kids photography by princess atelier
father and son photos-fathers day

“That’s my handsome hunk dad in the frame with me. He calls me smarty-pants, hehe. He is telling me that if I’ll listen to grandpa then he’ll buy me a play-gun and lots of ice cream and he won’t even tell mum! It’ll be our little secret but little does he know that mum knows everything. It’s like magic!”

“ My dad is super awesome! He kept his promise and got me a play-gun but alas, no ice creams because mum caught him and strictly told him not to feed me any ice cream. She says that there will be cavity-monster in my teeth. Though I told her that you don’t worry, I have a gun now, I’ll shoot all the monsters! But she along with dad started laughing. I don’t know what’s so funny? Did someone tickle them or say a joke? Even I wanna hear it!”


“Everyone keeps asking me who taught me to pose? I guess I can share this secret since y’all are so eager! 

I was a bit anxious initially but my first visit to Princess Atelier made me excited to get clicked since there were so many toys and space for me to play and even Shipra Rajora(the photographer) didn’t stop me from touching anything! I felt so comfortable and had fun during the shoot because I was the center of attention and the photographer said that I am a smart kid and natural at posing. It’s so nice of her to say that, she doesn’t know that her words and actions made me feel so confident and relaxed.

Now, it’s time for my nap so off you guys!”


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