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What Makes A Candid Wedding Photographer Different?



Understanding the meaning of candid wedding photography is important to clearly define the value of a truly professional candid wedding photographer.

it’s not just about documenting the event as it is which is a job of an event photographer but when photography becomes a form of art and creativity to capture the natural moments is called candid wedding photography.

A candid photographer observes and uses his or her vision to capture the true emotion of the wedding event taking place.


What Makes a Candid Wedding Photographer So Special?

First of all the difference in work speaks for itself however, there are 2 kinds of photography that happens at a wedding. First is Event Wedding Photography and another is Candid Wedding Photography.

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Now, As a client, you should be very specific in your selection of what exactly your choice is.


  • when you want to hire wedding photographers for your wedding, is it just to document the entire wedding event, guests posing in front of the cameraman, ceremonies as it is. (which is the core job of an event wedding photographer) or you want to get the moments and memories captured and put it into every picture. (which is a different skill known as candid wedding photography)
  • An event wedding photographer actually takes pictures of whatever is happening around with the purpose of clicking almost everything in the wedding event.
  • His focus is not based on capturing artistic and emotional moments (not that he or she is not capable of) but an event photographer has to fulfill the purpose of what he has been hired for. otherwise, he will miss out on many things from the event.
  • His core job is to document your wedding event as much as he can. Normally a single event photographer can cover one event of approx 50 to 80 guests in one place. The number of photographers increases if the size of the guests is more than that or if more than one event is happening at two different places.

Well, now I hope you have got an idea about the job of an event photographer.

Now, let’s have an insight into what actually makes a candid wedding photographer so different.


1. Art of Capturing Moments

A professional candid wedding photographer is paid for his art and vision where he or she becomes an expert in observing and then capturing beautiful and unique moments that the couple feels and shares throughout their wedding event.

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Hindu wedding bride and groom candid wedding photography-Jaipur
  • The job of a candid photographer is to mainly focus on the bride and groom and be with them throughout the wedding so that nothing special is missed out. after all the wedding is for these 2 people and the close family members and friends.
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I’m in this industry for the last 7 years and work as a lead candid wedding photographer. with time I have realized that art is something you can learn and get the level of skills to perfection with time and experience only. (a lot of dedication is the essence too).

However, in my case, I strongly believe that I got this gift from my father that I do not have to think too much to plan for the moments I need to capture. It all happens to me naturally. I observe a lot and keep myself so focused and involved in the moment and click what I feel, which can be felt in my style of photography. (Capturing Emotions)

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So, coming back to the point a candid wedding photographer’s job is based on his skills of finding the moments happening between the wedding couple, close family members, and friends.

If a candid wedding photographer will get involved or will be asked to capture the general event or guests posing, then the photographer will lose the focus from what he or she has been hired for.

It’s very important to leave the candid wedding photographer on his own and let him or her focus on the creative ideas in the mind and moments happening between the wedding couple and family because if these natural moments are missed, they are missed forever and can’t be repeated.

So it’s always suggested hiring an event wedding photographer too so that he can be with the guests who are excited to give poses and have some fun and the guests would not ask the candid photographer to click for them because if that happens the important people like the groom and bride moments will be missed.

2.Why They Charge High?

Photography is a form of art for people who understand it. People who have the vision to see the quality and importance of moments so precious. A professional candid wedding photographer fulfills this purpose of choice.

First of all, a professional candid photographer knows his gear very well and along with an artistic vision should be very technically sound about the knowledge of photography and gear.

I am not talking about expensive gear but yes quality of pictures demands good professional photography gear. At the same time, someone equipped with expensive gear only and not having other required artistic skills, can’t be called as a professional candid wedding photographer.

So it’s important that before you finalize your wedding photographer you should prioritize to see the moments he has captured in his previous wedding photography projects along with the quality of work in the portfolio.

The angles, camera, lighting knowledge is a parallel thing which makes a photographer professional.

Only taking good moments with poor composition and distracting photo angles isn’t justified with the cost a candid wedding photographer charges.

This is where experience along with the sense of capturing moments at the same time comes in place.

I always have to take care of the background, angles I use, light directions, and proper camera settings along with a sense of not missing out the moment. keeping in mind all these technical aspects and taking care of the moments happening is what gives the right to a professional candid wedding photographer to ask a good price for his or her skills.

candid wedding photography is not just about standing in one place and clicking the pictures of people coming in front and posing for straight flat pictures or guests having lunch and dinner at the wedding venue. Those are just pictures to document a wedding event not about finding and capturing moments of the couple out of 100 people at the wedding.

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3. Building Repo and Presentation Skills

Last but not the least, a good candid photographer knows how to build good repo with the groom and bride along with the close family members and friends.

Knowing how to build a stress-free and comfortable space between the couple and the photographer is a skill.

If a photographer has created a good repo with the couple and their family they are not at all hesitant to listen or take instructions from the photographer. this is such a major thing that helps the photographer to have more access to the chemistry a couple shares throughout the wedding events.

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candid wedding photography-Fairmont Jaipur

Would you be comfortable around someone whom you haven’t known at all or had any friendly conversation with?  and the photographer is just standing like a dummy and closely observing 2 people and personal talks and laughter a family shares?

I am sure the answer is obviously No!

Definitely no one would be comfortable in that space, so I always make sure I create so much comfort for the family and couple that they start counting me in their own friend circle without any hesitation.

This gives me so much benefit to capture those real moments a couple and their family enjoy during the wedding.

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And of course, I make sure to be very presentable at the same time. who wants to look an odd one out in the group of happy and nicely dressed people 🙂

The laughter, the fun, and the real gestures happening throughout the wedding event are the real moments. A candid photographer should know the right place and time to be present and access these moments closely without distracting the natural flow of the moment.

I hope this article will help the readers and give some insight to understand the importance of hiring a good and professional candid or event wedding photographer knowing their individual areas of expertise.


Check out this video below to have a glance at a wedding I covered as a candid wedding photographer.



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