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How to safely get your wedding, pregnancy, or kids photoshoot done during the time of COVID-19.


Life blesses us with some precious moments which once gone will be hard to bring back. So during this time of pandemic it’s important not to miss out on getting these moments captured but with full safety and precautions by a professional and experienced Photographer in your city.

Be it your beautiful long-awaited wedding day, pregnancy time, or the first year of your baby, here are few important tips which if kept in mind can be very useful to safely get the photoshoot done during COVID 19 period.


Hire A Professional Photographer

It’s well said that experience really counts and during this time when the entire world is going through a major change. It’s time to really change our thinking and not going with just any option available in the market of Photography and the things required during the Photoshoot just to save the cost.

Now the priority should be to make sure that the Photographer is well aware of the safety measures to be taken during this time of COVID-19 for all the parties involved in the photo session.

Hire a professional Photographer be it a Candid Wedding Photographer, Kids Photographer, or Maternity Photographer. What matters is that the Photographer should be well trained and experienced in his/her domain and value the safety concerns of the Client during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There isn’t any chance now that just to save the cost and to get some bit of fancy Photographs we ignore things and be casual with the risk a photoshoot involves if not planned properly.

So please check with your Photographer about the new rules and safety measures he/she is going to take during the photo session.

Mostly an experienced Photographer will let you know all these things in advance understanding the severity at this time of COVID-19.

Keep in mind the below list of things that a Photographer should implement during the session and also guiding everyone involved.


List of Things to be Taken Care during the photoshoot in COVID-19

  •  Wearing a properly sanitized mask during the photo shoot.
  • Maintaining a minimum 2 meters of distance with the subject or anyone around during the photoshoot
  • Using sanitizer from time to time after touching the things around.
  • Minimum contact with the subject ( A professional photographer knows how to get the best Photographs without or minimum contact with the subject)
  • Properly Sanitized and cleaned equipment like camera and lenses along with all extra equipment the Photographer is bringing on the day of the photoshoot.


Plan The Photoshoot at Your Home or Personal Venue

An Experienced Photographer knows how to get the best photographs outside his/her photo studio too.

The only thing needed is the area of space in your house like a hall, a basement, a house garden or a farmhouse for Pre Wedding photoshoot, wedding day couple portraits, kids, and maternity photo sessions.

However, for a kid and baby photoshoot, if a larger area is not available your bedroom space will be good enough to capture really good kids portraits.

kids photography during lockdown
kids photography during COVID-19  at client’s house


Plan Photoshoots Without Props

Going with the Portrait Photography Option for your Pre Wedding, Maternity, or Kids Photoshoot is best during this time of COVID-19 as it doesn’t involve much of a risk because it doesn’t have a lot of stuff around the subject and a proper safe distance can be easily maintained.

It’s Time to avoid the thought of planning a fancy photoshoot until the coronavirus issue completely gets resolved.  The best option is to hire a good artistic portrait Photographer who knows how to focus on bringing out the emotions of your kid and the love between the couple.

Capturing the beautiful expressions of the subject doesn’t involve any risk of passing the infection as a proper distance is required to click the Photograph.

photography tips during lockdown
pre-wedding photoshoot during COVID-19  at a farmhouse

Avoid Purchasing Props

The props which are used are either purchased from the market where hundreds of people touch it on a daily basis and where it comes from it is exposed to so many things that might carry the infection.

Even if the pre Wedding props, baby photoshoot props, maternity props are ordered online this involves the huge risk of coronavirus getting carried throughout.

If you are asking the Photographer to bring the props which he or she already has, the risk gets double.

So the best thing to be done is to use the clothes, dresses, and props which you already have in your house and go for the minimum number of props.

Even before this coronavirus pandemic I strongly believed that the more the props the lesser the value of the Photograph and the lesser artificial things in a picture the stronger a picture speaks for itself.

Do you remember going to someone’s house and looking at a simple Photograph of a baby, couple, or family without any extra props in it yet so mesmerizing?

So always remember the lesser the props the more expressive a Photograph will be and the subject will attract the attention of the one looking at it.

So, both from the safety point of view now and a Photographer’s point of view a picture comes out best when we understand the importance of the subject and its true expressions.


Plan Mini Photo Sessions

Go for the mini photo sessions of 1 or 2 hours with a lesser number of good exclusive Photographs rather than getting 100 Photographs in one single day. The more time the more risk of the infection.

It’s High Time! Be Safe & Value Quality Over Quantity of Photographs.

Overcome The Temporary Temptation of Cheap Priced Stuff and Services.


If you have any queries please feel free to write under the comment section.

I hope this topic is useful for my readers.

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